St. Paul Parish Cemetery Guidelines

These guidelines of St. Paul Church, St. Paul Missouri, reflect only policies dealing with internment and burial regarding the cemetery of St. Paul Church.  Funeral establishments concerning cremation procedure/protocol are in regulation with the funeral home and/or crematory.


  • Lots may be purchased at any time.  Lot location may not be chosen.
  • At the time a lot is purchased a deed will be issued with a specific lot number that is in sequential order. 
  • The purchase of a lot does not include the opening of the grave at the time of internment.  The expense to open the grave is handled by the funeral home.
  • For cremations, the first person shall be buried at the headstone and the second at the footstone.



  • Parishioner (A parishioner is someone who is registered in the Parish Office)
  • Single person - $600 (traditional and cremation)
  • Two persons - $600 ( 2 cremations, or 1 cremation/1 casket)
  • Side by side - $1,200 (2 traditional) only when unable to go double depth


Non-Parishioner (at this time, cemetery plots are being sold to parishioners only)

  • Single person - $1,500
  • Two persons - $1,500 (2 cremations, or 1 cremation/1 casket)
  • Side by side - $3,000 (2 traditional) only when unable to go double depth


General Cemetery Regulations

  • No breakable containers shall be placed at the gravesite.
  • No planting of trees, shrubs or flowers at the gravesite.
  • Nothing shall be placed at the gravesite (i.e. small statues, candles, trinkets, solar lamps, etc) as this is dangerous to the groundskeeper.
  • Flowers or wreaths need to be placed in a vase that is attached to the headstone or attached with a headstone clip.  Shepherd’s hooks and flowers “shoved” into the ground interfere with the grounds keeping.
  • The cemetery grounds are cleared the first week of the month of all faded items or items that may interfere with grounds keeping.


Burial regulations

  • Burial at deeded gravesite shall consist of person(s) whose name(s) specified on the deed.
  • Owner(s) of the deed shall reserve the right to transfer the deed in name.  This transfer must be done in the Parish Office.  The transfer shall be recorded and signed by the Pastor.  A copy of the “old” deed will be kept on file with the new deed.
  • Cremation remains shall be placed within an urn.  The composition of the urn may include hardwood, stone, marble, bronze, copper or other precious metals.  These may be purchased through the funeral home.
  • Cemetery regulations state that a concrete vault/outer container is required.  For cremations, these vaults are 2’x2’.
  • Headstones should not exceed 12” x 36” wide and be placed at the head of the lot.
  • A standard veteran’s stone may be placed at the foot of the grave.  If a headstone is already in place, the veteran’s stone may be purchased by the family.
  • Headstones will be put in place 6 months after internment.