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6/11/2021 - 

With the health department feeling more comfortable in lifting many of the Covid-19 restrictions, the archbishop has announced that the dispensation for the Sunday Mass obligation is also being lifted as of July 1, 2021.   Although I understand that some may feel uncomfortable with the lessening of restrictions, I believe that the policies put in place here at St. Paul serve the greater Masses and therefore the greater good.  Within reason I will try to be accommodating when I can.  We have had many requests for us to use the Holy Water Fonts again.  You will notice that Holy Water is back.


Once again I want to challenge all of us to be considerate of everyone’s thoughts and ideas about these things.  We all won’t agree, but we can be respectful of each other.  Remember we are called to be the Body of Christ and should act accordingly.


For the time being we will continue to use the collection box for the offertory.   We appreciate your financial support of the parish.



Latest News

Annual Catholic Appeal 2021

ACA pledge cards are being sent out by mail again this year.  If you do not receive a pledge card in the mail, call or stop by the Parish Office and one will be provided to you. 

Completed pledge cards can be returned by mail directly to the ACA office, the Parish Office or dropped in the contribution box at Mass.  You can also make your pledge online at aca.archstl.org.  

If you have any questions, please contact Teresa at the Parish Office 636-978-1900, ext 224 or tboehmer@st-paulchurch.org


Welcome to our new Adoration Chapel Coordinators!  You can reach Geoff and Katie Wester at 636-497-9762 or via email adorationchapel@st-paulchurch.org.  You are also welcome to visit https://adorationpro.org/paulmo to sign up for an hour or request a substitute if needed.

Missalettes available at all weekend Masses

For the Saturday evening Mass, you will find the missalettes in the book holders in the pew.  

On Sunday morning, there are 2 different boxes of books for each of the Masses.  These boxes will be found under the table in the gym lobby.  It will be greatly appreciated if the first person to arrive at Mass could put the boxes for that particular Mass on the table for easy access for all to pick up a book as they enter for Mass.  When Mass is over, please return your book to the box on your way out.  It will be helpful for the last person to leave to please put the boxes back under the table.

Masks required to be worn during all Masses

The Archdiocese is mandating that we update the policy regarding the wearing of masks at Mass.  We have been following the minimum requirements for masks and allowing masks to be removed once the faithful are seated in the pews even though the CDC  advises against congregational singing if masks are removed.  In light of the numerous reports of quarantines in our community and in order to be in line with the CDC guidelines regarding singing at our Masses, masks will be required to be worn at all times when the faithful are gathered for Mass.




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