Be One

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beONE is a call to the revitalization of our local Church. It is a call to renew our baptismal promises to be the Church, to live out the Gospel and help one another be more Catholic and get to Heaven. St. Paul Parish began our beONE journey in the fall of 2015.  The beONE prayer can be used at Mass, Parish meetings, or by families as we move toward strengthening our faith.  More information on beONE can be found at or through the St. Paul Parish Council.

The beONE Prayer
Eternal Father, at the Last Supper your Son prayed that all who bear His name might be one. 

Send the Holy Spirit upon us to make us one in Christ. 

Strengthen our faith in you. 
Lead us to love one another. 
Unite our service to our brothers and sisters. 
And join us together as we build your Church in our midst. 

Take away divisions that hinder our unity in Christ,
so we may, with one mind and voice, as members of one body, praise and glorify you.

Through Christ our Lord.