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Kindergarten March 25 2017 Homeroom

Week of March 27th

Friday, March 31st is Grandparents Day!  Students will not need to bring anything to school with them other than a jacket or coat if needed. Friday will be a regular school uniform day.  12:00 dismissal on Friday


The theme for the week is The Holy Spirit is Our Helper and thinking about how the Holy Spirit can help us make good choices and live as a friend of Jesus. K-5 will attend Stations of the Cross on Monday morning at 8:30.


This week in phonics we will be working with the digraph ck at the end of words. A digraph is two letters that come together to make one sound. We will learn that ck comes at the end of words after a short vowel as in black, duck, and lock. Children will code digraphs by underlining them. During the week, students will work with sounds by taking away the initial sound and making a new word and identify the vowel sound in words. Students now know three ways to spell the /k/ sound which is letter k, letter c, and digraph ck. Popcorn words for the week are: little, over, some


Last week, students enjoyed listening to a chapter book called March Mischief, a mystery about three leprechaun statues that are stolen in a town. They also listened to several examples of poems. This week they will hear a variety of books about seeds and spring.


Students will work on writing their own poem about their grandparents.


We will review counting pennies on Monday. On Tuesday students will be introduced to dimes and observe what is on the heads and tails of dimes. Students will practice counting dime amounts and writing the amounts.


Last week students learned the parts of plants such as roots, leaves, stems, and flowers. They learned that the roots help take in water for the plant and keep it anchored in the ground. Students learned that plants need light, water, and air to survive. They also observed and compared sunflower and marigold seeds. This week students will plant sunflower seeds and we will observe their growth thanks to Mrs. Neal and the use of her grow light.


Students will go to and start basic coding activities where they pick directional arrows to move an object to another object and drag puzzle pieces in order to put them back together.

Kindergarten March 18 2017 Homeroom

Week of March 20th

Donuts with Dad on Wednesday. Students should come by the classroom with their dad or special guest to check in and then can go to Mass with their dad. Students who do not have a dad or special guest present will come to the classroom as usual and go to Mass with the classroom teacher.

Friday, March 24th Report cards will be sent home


We will be working with the parable of The Good Samaritan/Neighbor and talking about who our neighbor is and ways we can help our neighbor.


This week students will learn a new spelling rule, a new coding mark, and be introduced to long vowel sounds. The long vowel rule is that a vowel not followed by a consonant makes the long vowel sound. Examples include words such as flu, hi, me, and so. The new coding mark is called a macron and is a straight horizontal line that goes over the vowel. Students will be introduced to the picture cards for the long vowel sounds (acorn, equal, icicle, overalls, unicorn). We will also read a new decodable reader, My Pal Bo. We will get new sight words this week that make long vowel sounds in them: play, day, gray


This week students will be introduced to poetry and we will work as a class to create a poem.


We are starting a unit on money so break out your piggy banks and get our your coins! We will start with the penny, learning the name of the penny, looking at pennies with magnifying lens to notice details on the front and back, and learning the value of a penny. We will watch educational videos to learn how money is made in the United States.


With the first day of spring right around the corner, we will start a unit on the life cycle of plants. Students will have the opportunity to plant seeds and observe them sprouting in the classroom. Students will learn what plants need to grow and survive.


Students will write a sentence for each sight word for this week and then type the words and/or sentences in Microsoft Word.

Kindergarten March 16 2017




Jan PE Unit-

Basketball Unit- rules, skills, passing,shooting and dribbing drills

Small court games, passing games, shooting drills, and full court games, knock-out and 11's game.

Feb PE Unit-

Hockey Unit- Skills, Passing, Shooting and saftey use of the Hockey sticks

Small cout games, passing games, shooting games and full court Hockey games.

Mar PE Unit-

Badmiton and Tennis Unit- Rules, court sizes, volley and serving

Small court games, passing games, serving games, and full court games.

April PE Unit-

Golf Unit- Skills, rules, basic grip with driver, irons and putter

Driving range off mats, chipping into buckets, and putting into practice holes and basic skills to play golf.

May PE Unit-

All school Field Day Event: Thank you all Parent's and Teacher's for your help and support on this special day!

Kindergarten March 11 2017 Homeroom

Week of March13th

SPPTO Meeting Tuesday evening at 7:00 NOW IN THE SCHOOL GYM. Come hear from classroom teachers about technology use in the classroom and school!

Spirit Wear Sale open until March 16th

Donuts with Dad morning of March 22nd


We are learning about the life of St. Patrick and the shamrock as a symbol of the Holy Trinity.


We will continue to make and discover words with the consonant letter Q. Students learned that q and u always go together and it's called a combination. We will also review short vowel sounds.


This week we will take a pause from our Step Up To Writing Program and respond to various writing prompts around the theme of St. Patrick's Day.


This week we will be working with visual models such as ten frames and number cubes to help build the skill of subitizing. Subitizing is the ability to 'see' a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. For example, adults can count the number of dots on a number cube without needing to count them. Subitizing helps build number sense, the foundation of mathematics.


We will continue to observe and explore properties of liquids by experimenting with mixtures. We will add vegetable oil, food coloring, and sand to water and observe which of these materials mixes with water or does not mix with water and separates.

STEM activity

Students will build leprechaun traps.


All of the students successfully typed the whole alphabet. This week students will play a game to practice subtraction facts.


Kindergarten March 04 2017 Homeroom

Week of March 6

Spirit Wear Sales begin today and run through March 16th.  Go to the school website, scroll down the Parent section to the Uniforms and Spirit Wear tab.  Click there and follow the link.

End of 3rd quarter is March 15 and March 15 is the Feast of St. Joseph

March 17th and 20th- No School, mid Winter break

March 22nd- Donuts with Dad starting at 7:00 am and families are welcome to attend Mass


Students will experience many types of liturgical prayer and faith formation opportunities this week. On Monday we will have a visit from Fr. Blessing to help us learn more about Lent and why we sacrifice during Lent. We will also attend Stations of the Cross on Monday. On Wednesday we will celebrate Mass and on Thursday we will spend time in God's presence during Adoration. Throughout the week, we will be talking about how we can listen to God in our lives.


This week students will be introduced to the consonant letter W and the consonant letter Q. The letter Q is taught as a combination with u since q and u go together. Students will identify words with the /w/ sound and we will get a new reader this week called Spin to Win. Our sight words for the week: where, why, how


We will continue working with informational texts on Arctic Foxes by having students create their own Facts Books. Students collected facts through drawing and writing last week. This week they will put them together in a fact book and follow the writing process.


Students will create animal subtractions books. We will model strategies to solve subtraction number sentences such as using your fingers, usinag manipulatives, or drawing a picture. Students will solve and practice subtraction facts throughout the week using the strategies we have practiced. Students will be exposed to subtraction story problems.


Last week students made predictions and tested objects to see which objects sink or float. This week we are going to observe and describe liquids and observe the effect of low temperatures on liquids.

Kindergarten February 25 2017 Homeroom

Week of February 27th-March 3rd

Wednesday March 1st is Ash Wednesday

Friday March 3rd is a FULL day of school. Sunday March 5th is the St. Paul Parish Breakfast

Please bring in toilet paper and paper towels over the next two weeks for the 7th grade service drive benefiting the Turning Point shelter


This week we will be learning about Lent and Ash Wednesday through the parable of the farmer and the seed.

Phonics and Reading

This week we will work with the consonant letter X and its sound. We will practice identifying the beginning, middle, and ending sound in words. We will separate compound words and identify the /x/ sound in words. On Friday, the consonant letter W will be introduced. Popcorn words: what, when, was. We will be reading non-fiction books about foxes this week. If anyone has an informational book about foxes, your child can bring it in.


Last week, students worked on writing their own narrative stories and I was so impressed!! We used the steps of the writing process throughout. They used a graphic organizer to plan a beginning, middle, and end. They wrote rough drafts and made revisions. On Friday they added pictures to their stories. I am excited for students to share their stories with other students before they bring them home to share with you! This week we will start a two week unit on writing and responding to informational texts. Students will be introduced to question words such as who, what, where, when, and why. I will read informational texts about foxes and stop to ask questions. As a class and independently, students will collect facts about foxes. Students will then take those facts and identify key ideas about foxes.


We will continue to work with the concept of subtraction and writing subtraction number sentences. Students will learn the minus sign and the equals sign.


This week we will study the concept of buoyancy and test objects to see if they sink or float.


Last week students worked on becoming familiar with the keyboard by using Microsoft Word to start typing the alphabet, both capital and lowercase letters. Students are not only learning the letter keys of the keyboard but are also learning to use the Shift key and the space bar. Students will continue to progress on typing the alphabet.

Kindergarten February 19 2017 Homeroom

Week of February 20th

Monday February 20th- No school, President's Day


Our theme for the week is the Bible story of Zacchaeus and listening to Jesus in our lives.


Our letter we are working with is the consonant letter J. Students will practice identifying words with j in them. Students will also work with the decodable reader Pig's Jet. We will review sight words that students already have for the week.


Last week, students used a quick sketch and notes to plan their narrative story. They learned that events in a story need to be in a logical sequence in order for the story to make sense. This week students will write a rough draft of their story, edit and revise their story, and write a final draft of their story.


We will finish the chapter on addition and start learning about subtraction through modeling subtraction stories with concrete objects.


Students will use a magnifying lens to observe and describe characteristics of objects.

Kindergarten February 11 2017 Homeroom

Week of February 13th

Valentines Parties are on Tuesday at 2:00. On Tuesday please bring in a shoebox or Valentine bag and valentines to exchange with classmates.

February 20- No School, President's Day

Here is a look at the week ahead in kindergarten.


This week we will experience learning about God in several different ways. On Monday, Fr. Blessing will visit our class in the morning to share with us about St. Valentine. On Thursday students will experience God's presence through adoration. Our theme this week is We Thank God at Mass: Learning about the celebration of Mass. We will also learn about St. Valentine.

Phonics and reading

Consonant letters V and J will be worked with this week. Students will identify the middle and final sound in words and identify the /v/ sound in words. Last week in our decodable reader, students were introduced to the concept of quotation marks and learned that quotation marks show what the speaker is saying. We will be listening to and reading books related to Valentines Day. Our popcorn words: love, very, have


We are starting a two week unit on narrative writing. I will read a short story and we will identify events that happen in the beginning, middle, and end. Students will use a graphic organizer called a quick sketch to help them plan their narrative. They will draw a sketch of what happens in the beginning, middle, and end and take notes of events that happen in each part of their story. We will work on sequencing events to make sure that students have their events in their story in a logical order.


We will continue to work with addition: adding groups of objects together, learning the + and = sign, and writing number sentences.


We will continue to describe characteristics of objects by describing objects as soft or hard or smooth or rough. We will also explore the different materials objects are made of such as metal, wood, plastic, rubber, and fabric.


Students will play a game to help with addition math facts.

Kindergarten February 04 2017 Homeroom

Week of February 6

Thank you for your generosity and gifts of appreciation during Catholic Schools Week!  We have a regular week at St. Paul this week. Yearbook orders are due Friday, February 10.


We will discuss the Bible story of Jesus feeding many people and continue to identify ways to share God's love with others.


Consonant letter Dd will be introduced on Monday. Students will practice identifying the vowel sound in words, identify the beginning, middle, and ending sound in words, and count syllables in words. We will have a decodable reader this week called I Did It. Our popcorn words: said, down.  During read alouds, we are identifying the characters in the story and the setting.


Last week, we worked with identifying facts and opinions and giving reasons for our opinions. I read a book called Please, Puppy, Please several times and together as a class we created an opinion outline about why other people should read the book. This week students will write their own sentences about their opinion of the book and the reasons for their opinion (ex. I think the book is funny and why).  At home you can ask your child what their favorite part of a book is and ask them to give reasons why it is their favorite part.


We will finish our chapter on composing and decomposing numbers and start on simple addition stories. For the third quarter, students should be able to rote count to at least 75.


We are starting a new unit on examining the characteristics of objects and the materials they are made from. We will start by examining and describing foam blocks. We will sort them by color, size, and shape.


Students will practice reading and math skills.


Kindergarten January 28 2017 Homeroom

Catholic Schools Week

Please come join us for Open House and Registration on Sunday, January 29th from 10:00-12:30. Donuts will be served after Mass and classrooms with be open for you to visit!

Here is a look at all the fun and special events we have during Catholic Schools Week. During the week, students can bring in used shoes or cleats for the organization Shoes and Hope.


Celebrating Nations- Kindergarten students can dress down in a way that represents the country of Mexico. We will read some books that will help us learn about Mexican history and culture. In the afternoon, the whole school will watch a fire dancer performance.

Tuesday- Celebrating our students

Dress down in red and in exercise clothes with tennis shoes. The morning will be a whole morning of movement related activities for Jump Rope for Heart. In the afternoon, we will cheer on our buddies as they play in the 7th vs 8th grade basketball game.

Wednesday- Celebrating vocations

Kindergarten students are singing at the school Mass so please arrive to school by 7:30. Students wear their regular school uniform. In the afternoon, we will learn about saints as we listen to 8th grade presentations on their confirmation saints.

Thursday- Celebrating our community

100th Day of School!- Kindergarten students only can wear their special shirt that they make with 100 items attached and dress down pants. In the afternoon we will be playing board games with our buddies so students can bring a game to school to share.

Friday- Celebrating our faculty

Spirit day dress for students and 12:00 dismissal. Father/daughter dance in evening


We will continue with the consonant letter y this week and creating short vowel words with the letter y.


We will work with numbers 16-19 and learn ways to compose and decompose numbers 16 to 19. On Thursday, we will celebrate 100 days of school by decorating 100 day crowns, counting to 100, and using centers to explore the number 100.


We will learn about Baptism as the sacrament of initiation into the Catholic Church.