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Grade Post date Subject Update
8th September 01 2017 Homeroom

8th Homeroom


4   Labor Day, no school

18-22  ITBS testing

27-29   Camp Lakewood


2   No School-teacher professional development

18  End 1st quarter

21  Confirmation retreat

26  Parent teacher conferences

30-Nov. 3  Fall break!

8th September 01 2017 ELA

8th Grade ELA

Vocabulary--Units are completed independently over a 2 week span, with the last day of the second week being a test day. Parts of units are assigned in chunks, and students should be writing due dates for each section in their planners.

English--We are learning about simple, compound, and complex sentences and incorporating these into writing. We will be studying verbs and verb tenses.

Literature--Elements of plot, characterization, and conflict are areas we will be focusing on during the first quarter. We will be reading a few stories in our literature book before reading a novel.

6th, 7th, 8th August 29 2017 Math

Middle School Advanced Math

Please see weekly emails to get schedule for the upcoming week.

Email with any questions or if you have not received the emails:

8th August 27 2017 Religion

8 Religion

The content we will look at the quarter focuses on the preparation for Confirmation. We will look at a variety of topics covered in the Catholic Christian Doctorine through power point slides, assignments, and quizzes. We will also incorporate the program by Mathew Kelley Decision Point. We will engage in a lot of conversations about using their faith in their young lives and they will also reflect on a number of different questions from Mathew Kelley.

The students have a binder that has a calendar with due dates of assignments and other important events. They also have assignments available to them to begin working on when it is convenient for them. We will have class time for some of them.

8th August 27 2017 Science

8 Science

First quarter will consist of the following content:

Introduction to matter, characteristics, describing and measuring

Changes in matter, three states of matter, graphing gas behaviors

Elements and the Periodic Table, how they are organized, characteristics


*there will be note-taking (study guides), classwork, projects, tests, on line work through classroom google

8th May 16 2017

8 Science

Their final is this Thursday. We are reviewing!

8th May 11 2017 Math

8th Grade Algebra (5/15 - 5/19)

Monday –                    Review material covered in Chapter 11.

Tuesday –                   Review and make notecards for the final exam. - HAVE ALL TESTS AND STUDY MATERIALS WITH YOU TODAY TO CREATE NOTECARD!!!

Wednesday –              Final Exam

Thursday –                  Finish Exam

Friday –                       FIELD DAY

8th May 08 2017 Math

8th Grade Math - End of Year

May 8 - Ch. 8: Volume and Surface Area Pre-Test

May 9 - No Class - Field Trip

May 10 - Inquiry Lab: Three-Dimensional Figures

May 11 - Lesson 1: Volume of Cylinders

May 12 - Review for Final Exam

May 15 - Review for Final Exam

May 16 - Review for Final Exam

May 17 - Final Exam

May 18 - Final Exam extra time if needed

May 19 - No Class - Field Day

8th May 08 2017 History

8th Grade History - End of Year

May 8-11 - Review for Final Exam

May 12 - Final Exam

May 15-18 - Were the Rosenberg's Wrongly Convicted?

May 19 - No Class - Field Day

8th May 04 2017 Math

8th Grade Algebra (5/8 - 5/12)

Monday –                    Identify excluded values.  Identify and use asymptotes to graph rational functions. Identify values excluded from the domain of a rational expression.  Simplify rational expressions.

Tuesday –                   Multiply and divide rational expressions.

Wednesday –              Divide a polynomial by a monomial or binomial.

Thursday –                  FIELD TRIP TO GRANT’S FARMS

Friday –                       Add and subtract rational expressions with like or unlike denominators.


Final Exam is on 5/17.  Study guides have been handed out.  We will review and make note cards on 5/16.