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Grade Post date Subject Update
7th September 01 2017 ELA

7th Grade ELA

Vocabulary--Units are completed independently over a 2 week span, with the last day of the second week being a test day. Parts of units are assigned in chunks, and students should be writing due dates for each section in their planners.

English--We are doing an intense review on the usage of commas and other punctuation and using what we have learned in writing. Our next area of study will be verbs.

Literature--Elements of plot and characterization are two areas we will be focusing on during the first quarter. We will be reading a few stories in our literature book before reading a novel.

6th, 7th, 8th August 29 2017 Math

Middle School Advanced Math

Please see weekly emails to get schedule for the upcoming week.

Email with any questions or if you have not received the emails:

7th August 27 2017 Religion

7 Religion

We will look at the following content first quarter:

What is the Church (the people of God)

The Body of Christ

Paul the Apostle-scripture story

The people of prayer


*There should be a test about every 5-6 days

7th August 27 2017 Science

7 Science

The first quarter of Life Science will include the following content:

Genetics, pobability and inheriting genes/traits, patterns of inheritence

DNA, cells making proteins, mutations in cells, advances in genetics

Changing over time with Darwin's Theory

*there will be note-taking (study guides), classwork, projects, quizzes, tests, on-line work through classroom google

7th May 19 2017 Religion

7 Religion

We will be finishing up Family Life.

7th May 17 2017 Math

7th Grade Pre - Algebra (5/22 - 5/26)

Monday –                    Chapter 2 Lesson 1 – 5 (Algebra) Review Game

Tuesday –                   Review and Make Notecard for the Exam

Wednesday –              Final Exam

Thursday –                  Finish Final Exam

Friday –                       LAST DAY – NO CLASSES



7th May 11 2017 Math

7th Grade Pre - Algebra (5/15 - 5/19)

Monday –                    Solve equations by using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and/or division.

Tuesday –                   Solve equations involving more than one operation.  Solve equations involving consecutive integers.

Wednesday –              Solve equations with the variable on each side.  Solve equations involving grouping symbols.

Thursday –                  Evaluate absolute value expressions.  Solve absolute value equations.

Friday –                       FIELD DAY

Final Exam is on Wednesday, 5/24.  Be prepared to make a notecard on Tuesday, 5/23.  HAVE ALL TESTS AND STUDY MATERIALS WITH YOU ON TUESDAY!

7th May 08 2017 History

7th Grade History - End of the Year

May 8 - Work on North and South Presentations

May 9 - Work on North and South Presentations

May 10 - Student Presentations of North and South

May 11-12 - Ch. 15 Section 1: Slavery and the West

May 15-16 - Ch. 15 Section 2: A Nation Dividing

May 17 - Ch. 15 Section 3: Challenges to Slavery

May 18 - Section 4: Secession and War

May 19 - No Class - Field Day

May 22-24 - Review for Final Exam

May 25 - Final Exam

7th May 08 2017 Math

7th Grade Math - End of Year

May 8 - Lesson 6: Surface Area of Prisms

May 9 - Inquiry Lab: Relate Surface Area and Volume

May 10 - Lesson 7: Surface Area of Pyramids

May 11 - Inquiry Lab: Composite Figures

May 12 - Lesson 8: Volume and Surface Area of Composite Figures

May 15 - Review Chapter 8

May 16 - Review Chapter 8

May 17 - Chapter 8 Test

May 18 - Review for Final Exam

May 19 - No Class - Field Day

May 22 - Review for Final Exam

May 23 - Review for Final Exam

May 24 - Final Exam

7th May 04 2017 Math

7th Grade Pre - Algebra (5/8 - 5/12)

Monday –                    Determine whether a relation is a function.  Find function values.

Tuesday –                   Interpret intercepts and symmetry of graphs of functions.  Interpret positive, negative, increasing and decreasing behavior, extrema, and end behavior of graphs of                                    functions.

Wednesday –              Review Chapter 1 (Algebra) Review p. 67 and Vocab due today!

Thursday –                  Chapter 1 Test (Algebra) 

Friday –                       Translate sentences into equations.  Translate equations into sentences.