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5th April 12 2017 Homeroom

Week of April 24-28

Important Information 

  • $1.00 CARDINALS DRESS DOWN DAY Tuesday, April 25. Ice Cream will also be sold at lunch for $1.00 
  • S.T.A.R.T. Essays are due this Wednesday, April 26. Please make sure that your child brings a hard copy of their essay with them to school on that day. 
  • FIRST Robotics Competition Field Trip is this Thursday, April 27. Please have your child wear spirit wear and bring a sack lunch and drink in a drawstring backpack. We are still looking for one more chaperone for our trip. Please contact me if you are interested and available! :)
  • 5th Grade will be shadowing 6th Grade this Friday, April 28! This will be agreat day for your student to see what they have to look forward to next year as a middle schooler here at St. Paul! 
  • S.T.A.R.T. Graduation is scheduled for Wednesday, May 10 @ 2:00pm in the gym. 

Language Arts 

  • We will be finishing up our imaginative narrative about a meeting between a human and a strange creature. 
  • Worldy Wise Lesson 5 will begin this week. The test will the middle of next week. 
  • We will be reviewing comma rules. (ex. commas in a series and commas with conjunctions)
  • Cheesburger Book Projects are due next Thursday, May 4. All of the information for this project went home in the Wednesday folder on April 5. 


  • Multiplying Fractions by Fractions


  • We will begin our unit over Australia and New Zealand. We will focus on the physical geography and climate this week. 


  • We will be finishing Ch.16 this week. Ch.16 is all about God's mercy. There is an open study guide test on Wednesday, April 26. 
  • We have the readings this week at mass. If your child is a reader please practice at home together :) 
    • Wednesday, April 26
      • First Reading: S.B. 
      • Psalm: N.L. 
      • Petitions: K.H. 
    • Friday, April 28
      • First Reading: B.R. 
      • Psalm: M.B. 
      • Petitions: B.H. 
5th April 07 2017 Homeroom

Week of April 10-13

Monday, April 10

  • Stations of the Cross @ 8:30 
  • Father Blessing will be visiting our class right after Stations. 
  • Students will continue working with their partner/group on their cumlative Esperanza Rising project. 
  • Genius Hour Presentations: RH, KH, JB, TV

Tuesday, April 11

  • Book Clubs will meet today instead of our usual Thursday time. 
  • Students will finish their Esperanza Rising projects. 
  • Students will be reflecting on the Stations of the Cross by completing a "craftivity". 
  • Genius Hour Presentations: JM, MS, SB, BH, NT

Wednesday, April 12

  • Class Meeting with Mrs. Schaeffer. 
  • Students will be watching Mulan and comparing the movie to what we have learned about in Geography. Students will identify things that are both accurate and false. 
  • Genius Hour Presentations: MB, BR, CS, NL

Thursday, April 13 

  • We will having a Seder Meal with our 2nd Grade Buddies! This is a very unique and powerful experience for students. Mrs. Voltz and I are excited to give your child the opportunity to learn about and partake in this activity. 


  • Field Trip permission slips will be sent home on Monday. Please return the field trip permission slip ASAP. Our trip is Thursday, April 27. Please contact me if you are willing to chaperone. 
  • S.T.A.R.T. Essays are due on Wednesday, April 26. 
  • 5th Graders will be shadowing a 6th Grader all day on Friday, April 28! This will be an excellent opportunity for your child to see what they have to look forward to in Middle School next year! They will be going to all classes with 6th Grade that day as well as recess and lunch with all of Middle School. 
  • Cheesburger Book Projects are due Thursday, May 4. All of the information for this project went home in last week's Wednesday Folder. 
5th April 02 2017 Homeroom

Week of April 3-7

Language Arts 

  • Students set thier 4th Quarter Reading Counts Goals last week. Please continue to encourage your child to read at home each evening. 
  • We will be finishing Esperanza Rising this week! Students will be completing a final project for this book instead of taking a written test. They will have the option to complete this project with a partner or independently. This project should be able to be completly finished in-class. The projects are due on Tuesday, April 11.
  • Students will begin writing a narrative, imaginative story about a meeting between a person and a strange creature. 
  • The final book project will be assigned during the middle of this week. Please be on the lookout for the rubric/instructions that will be coming home with your child. 


  • Students will learn how to subtract mixed numbers. 
  • There will be a short quiz over adding and subtracting mixed numbers on Wednesday, April 5. 
  • Ch.10 is all about multiplying and dividing fractions. We will discuss multiplying fractions by whole numbers at the end of this week. 

Social Studies

  • We have concluded our study of East Asia. The test is scheduled for this Thursday, April 6. 


  • Stations of the Cross Monday @ 2:30 pm 
  • Students will begin their study of Ch.16: God is Merciful. This week, they will learn about the Coporal and Spliritual Works of Mercy. 
  • Adoration this Thursday 9:35-10:05 

Important Information 

  • Please begin working on the S.T.A.R.T. Essay with your student at home this week. We will be brainstorming together as a class on Monday. Remember that this essay is a completely at-home assignment and is due on Wednesday, April 26. This is a requirement in order for your child to graduate from S.T.A.R.T. 
  • Genius Hour Projects are due THIS FRIDAY, April 7. Please make sure that all parts of your child's presentation are brought to school and/or shared with me online on this day. Presentations will take place next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 4/10-4/12. 
  • STEM Challenge this Friday! Ask your student what they did :)
  • Mrs. Lovette will be teaching Safe Touch to 5th Grade on Wednesday, April 12. The office will be sending home more information on this program this week. 
  • NOON DISMISSAL Thursday, April 13. 
  • Spring Break Friday, April 14 - Sunday, April 23. 
5th March 17 2017 Homeroom

Weeks of March 21-24 and March 27-31

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Please read this entire post as it covers the next two weeks of school.

There is a TON of important information!

Language Arts 

  • Students will be taking the SRI Test to determine their Lexile range for 4th Quarter. 
  • We will be finishing up our "Pet Monster" writing. I am excited for you to see the product. Each student has some really funny and unique advice on how to take care of their pet monster. 
  • Students will read Ch.11-13 of Esperanza Rising. There are only 14 chapters in our story, so we are nearing the end. We will be having a cumlative project at the end of the book instead of a written test. Majority of this project should be done in school. 
  • Students will be reading a couple short stories about space flight to begin our unit on Point of View. They will read these stories and compare them. 


  • We will be having a test over the first part of Ch.9 on Thursday, March 23. The test will covering adding and subtracting fractions with both like and unlike denominators. 
  • Students will then move on to discuss converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. 
  • We will also be discussing adding mixed numbers. 

Social Studies

  • We will be focusing on the culture of East Asia. What are the most populous cities? What do they eat? What is education like? What are the major religions? Etc.
  • The East Asia test will be during the first week of April.


  • Students will be focusing on Lent for the next couple week. We will be discussing the meaning and symbols of Lent.
  • We will be having the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the afternoon of Thursday, March 23. 
  • Stations of the Cross will be Monday, March 27 @ 8:30am.

 Important Information 

  • Just a reminder that I will be gone Thursday afternoon - Tuesday the 28th for my wedding! I will not be checking my email during this time. Please contact the office if you have any specific messages regarding abscences, early dismissal, etc. Mrs. Pam Hoff will be the subsitute. HUGE thank you again for the wonderful shower last week! 
  • We will have our final in-class work day for our next Genius Hour projects on Tuesday, March 21. All other work that your child needs to complete will have to be done at home. Genius Hour projects will be due on Friday, April 7. Presentations should be between 5-10 minutes long. Students will present their projects during the week of April 10-14. 
  • Donuts with Dad is THIS WEDNESDAY 7:00-7:40am in the gym. After enjoying a donut with their child we would love to have Dad or your child's Special Person join us for our 7:45am Mass. I will be in the classroom that morning for students to drop off their belongings before heading over to mass. 
  • Report Cards go home on FRIDAY, MARCH 24. Their will be two copies of the report card in your envelope. Please sign and return one copy to school. 
  • The Spring Fling is almost here! 5th Grade will be performing several recorder songs at the performance. They have been working so hard to learn this very difficult instrument! Performances are Thursday, March 30 @ 7:00pm and Friday, March 31 @ 10:00am in the gym. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. White directly at 
  • Grandparents Day is on Friday, March 31! We will begin with 7:45am mass followed by breakfast in the gym. Students are then welcome to show their grandparents around the school! Grandparents will have the opportunity to watch their grandchildren in the Spring Fling at 10:00. There is a NOON DISMISSAL that day with NO AFTERCARE. 
5th March 16 2017



Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May

Jan PE Unit-

Basketball Unit- rules, skills, passing,shooting and dribbing drills

Small court games, passing games, shooting drills, and full court games, knock-out and 11's game.

Feb PE Unit-

Hockey Unit- Skills, Passing, Shooting and saftey use of the Hockey sticks

Small cout games, passing games, shooting games and full court Hockey games.

Mar PE Unit-

Badmiton and Tennis Unit- Rules, court sizes, volley and serving

Small court games, passing games, serving games, and full court games.

April PE Unit-

Golf Unit- Skills, rules, basic grip with driver, irons and putter

Driving range off mats, chipping into buckets, and putting into practice holes and basic skills to play golf.

May PE Unit-

All school Field Day Event: Thank you all Parent's and Teacher's for your help and support on this special day!

5th March 12 2017 Homeroom

Week of March 13-16

Language Arts 

  • Students will read Ch.9-10 of Esperanza Rising. 
  • We are starting a new writing project this week. Students will be rolling a dice to determine the features of their "pet monster". Next, they will write a paragraph describing how to take care of their monster. 
  • Please continue to encourage your child to read at home each evening! 3rd Quarter ends Wednesday, 3/15. Students who have reached 100% of their Reading Counts goal by this date will have the opportunity to dress down on FRIDAY, MARCH 16th. I will send home notes with these students on Wednesday!


  • Topics Covered: 
    • Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators 
    • Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators 
    • Subrtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators 

Social Studies 

  • We will continue our study of East Asia. This week we will be focusing on important inventions from ancient East Asia and how they spread across the world. 


  • Ch.15: Living God's Commandments Test is scheduled for Wednesday, March 15. 
  • We will not be attending Stations of the Cross this week. We will be going with Kindergarten-4th Grade on Monday, March 27 @ 8:30. 
  • Please continue to check the server schedule each week to see if your child is scheduled! If your child is scheduled for a weekday mass, please try to get to school as close to 7:30 as possible so your child as ample time to unpack and head over to church.

Important Information 

  • No S.T.A.R.T. this Wednesdsay. 
  • Genius Hour projects will be due on Friday, April 7. Presentations should be between 5-10 minutes long. I will send out another email this week with more detail regarding presentations. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  • SPPO Meeting this Tuesday @ 7:00pm in the GYM (please note the location change) The topic is use of technology in the classroom. 
  • St. Paul Spirit Wear is currently on sale! You can find the link under the "Parent" tab on the school website. 
  • 3rd Quarter Ends Wednesday, March 15. Report Cards will be sent home FRIDAY, MARCH 24 (please note the change of date) 
  • NO SCHOOL Friday, March 17 or Monday, March 20. 
  • Donuts with Dad is scheduled for Wednesday, March 22 from 7:00-7:40am in the gym. After enjoying a donut with their child we would love to have Dad or your child's Special Person join us for our 7:45am Mass. 
5th March 05 2017 Homeroom

Week of March 6-10

Language Arts 

  • The Paper Bag Book Projects turned out wonderful!! Thank you for all of the support you gave your child in finishing this project! Believe it or not, we only have one book project left this year. I will be assigning this project fairly early in 4th Quarter
  • We will be reviewing for the Esperanza Rising Ch.1-8 Test which is scheduled for Friday, March 10.
  • Students will finish their "Magic Door" writing. 
  • Please continue to encourage your child to read at home each evening! I try to give the students about 20 minutes each day to independently read at school; however, they also need to be reading at home in order to reach their Reading Counts goal. 3rd Quarter ends on Wednesday, March 15...that's next week!! 


  • The Ch.8 Test is Tuesday, March 7. 
  • We will continue on to Ch.9 which is all about adding and subtracting fractions. 

Social Studies 

  • Our new chapter is all about East Asia. This week students will be learning about the physical geography of the region (i.e. landforms, waterway, climate, and natural resources).


  • During Lent we will be participating in the Stations of the Cross each Monday either at 8:30am or 2:30pm. This week stations are at 2:30pm with the whole school. 
  • Adoration this Thursday 9:35-10:05 


  • Test on Wednesday, March 8. 

Important Information 

  • We did not have the opportunity to complete our STEM Challenge last Friday due to the Spelling Bee. So, we will be completing a STEM Challenge this coming Tuesday, March 7!
  • 5th Graders who have signed up as servers have offically been put on the schedule! If your child is a server please be sure to check the church bulletin each week to see if your child is scheduled. 
  • St. Paul Spirit Wear is currently on sale! You can find the link under the "Parent" tab on the school website. 
  • 3rd Quarter Ends Wednesday, March 15. Report Cards will be sent home Wednesday, March 21. 
  • NO SCHOOL Friday, March 17 or Monday, March 20. 
  • Donuts with Dad is scheduled for Thursday, March 22 from 7:00-7:40am in the gym. After enjoying a donut with their child we would love to have Dad or your child's Special Person join us for our 7:45am Mass. 
5th March 03 2017 Science

Nature Unleashed

This week in nature Unleashed we discussed "Healthy Soils".  The students in 4th and 5th grade will be creating a poster with the theme "Healthy Soils are Full of Life".  They will be participating in a poster contest by the St. Charles County Soil and Water Conservation District. Each student has been given a poster board and the rules/details for their poster.

Here is a link with more details and information

5th February 24 2017 Homeroom

Week of February 27 - March 3

Language Arts

  • Students will read Ch.7 & Ch. 8 of Esperanza Rising this week. There will be a test over the first half of the novel next week (week of March 6).
  • We will be starting a new writing project. This assignment will be a little more open-ended and will allow the students to stretch their imagination as they write. 
  • Paper Bag Book Projects are due THIS THURSDAY! Students will present their project to the class on this day. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am looking forward to seeing the finished projects! 


  • Topics Covered This Week 
    • Least Common Multiple 
    • Comparing Fractions
    • Writing Fractions as Decimals 
  • There will be a Ch.8 Test next week (week of March 6) 


  • Ash Wednesday is this Wednesday, March 1. We will be discussing Lent this week. 
  • We will also be continuing with Ch.15 Living God's Commandements. We will be focusing on our conscience in our class discussions. 


  • We are finishing our study of Western Europe. The test over this chapter will be on Friday, March 3!

Important Information 

  • Trash Bag sales will begin this Wednesday, March 1
  • St. Paul Spelling Bee is this Friday @ 2:00 in the Gym! Best of luck to our three 5th Grade Finalists. 
  • Friday, March 3 4H Movie Night Fundraiser (see Tablet for details) 
  • Parish Breakfast is Sunday, March 5 
  • 3rd Quarter Ends on March 15
5th February 17 2017 Homeroom

Week of February 21-24

Langauage Arts 

  • We will finishing up our Dangerous Animals essays this week. By the end of this unit each student will have written a three paragraph essay and a thesis statement! Students really persevered through this lengthy and challenging unit!
  • Students will read Ch.5-6 of Esperanza Rising.
  • Please remember that our 3rd Quarter Book Project is due on Thursday, March 2nd! It is the Paper Bag Book Project. Please let me know if you need a copy of the directions/rubric emailed to you :)


  • Topics Covered This Week: 
    • Simplifying Fractions
    • Least Common Multiple 


  • We will be focusing on the culture of Western Europe this week. Students will learn about the languages, religion, holidays, education, and entertainment in this region. 
  • The Western Europe test will be scheduled for late next week (Week of Feb.27-Mar.3)


  • The Chapter 14 Test has been rescheduled for Wednesday, February 21. Once again, I apologize for not letting you know this change earlier last week. 
  • Chapter 15 is all about the Ten Commandments. 

Important Information 

  • HUGE thank you to all of you parents who helped throw our Valentine's Day party last Tuesday. The children all had a blast!
  • NO SCHOOL MONDAY FEBRUARY 20! Enjoy your long weekend!
  • We will be completing the class portion of the Spelling Bee this Tuesday afternoon. The top three spellers in our class will move on to the school Spelling Bee on Friday, March 3 @ 2:00. 
  • STUCO will be selling ice cream for $1 (cash only) at lunch this Thursday, February 23. 
  • Genius Hour this Friday (Reminder: projects will be due on Friday, April 7)