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Grade Post date Subject Update
3rd October 19 2017 Homeroom

This is what third grade will be working on this week.....

RELIGION: We will continue working on forgiveness and showing compassion and mercy.

MATH: We will continue our chapter on subtraction. We will subtract across zeros and review subtracting three and four digit numbers by adding to check.

READING: We will read the informational text What Illustrators Do? and the traditional tale Jack Draws a Beanstalk. We will work on three letter clusters (scr, spr, str, thr), synonyms, verb tenses, sequence, and text and graphic features.

SPELLING: three, scrap, street, spring, thrill, scream, strange, throw, string, scrape, spray, threw, strong, scratch, think, they, straight, scramble {test on Thursday}

DICTATION: A stray dog came down our street and scratched at our door.

VOCAB: imagine, tools, illustrate, scribbles, sketches, tracing, research, textures {be able to read and know meaning by Friday}

SCIENCE: We will review our chemistry unit. The test is on Tuesday. Please review the review sheet that came home on Thursday.



Monday: SS 26 and review for science test

Tuesday: SS 27

Wednesday: SS 28

Thursday: SS 29 and read What Do Illustrators Do? and Jack Draws a Beanstalk

review nightly as needed spelling and vocab words, 10-15 minutes independent reading


Please call the office if you have not had a chance to schedule a conference yet. Have a great week!