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3rd January 16 2018 Homeroom

3rd Grade Information and Updates

RELIGION: We will test over chapter 8 on Wednesday and begin chapter 9 on Catholics are open to all.

MATH: We will work on multiplying and dividing by 10, multiples of 10, and problem solving.

READING: It seems to take more than a week to get through all the reading material. We will start our new story this week, but won't test until mid-week next week. The same goes for spelling and vocab words. We will be working on the stories Yonder Mountain A Cherokee Legend and the informational text The Trail of Tears. We will work on contractions, homophones/homographs, compare/contrast, story message, and subject-verb agreement.

VOCAB: examined, peak, fondly, steep, rugged, mist, pausing, pleaded 

SPELLING: I'd, he's, haven't, doesn't, let's, there's, wouldn't, what's, she's, aren't, hasn't, couldn't, he'd, they're, can't, isn't, we're, weren't {test next Tuesday}

DICTATION:Sam hasn't had lunch yet.

SCIENCE: We will be looking at weight using mass and volume.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will learn about Martin Luther King Jr.



-Please read nightly for 15-20 minutes.

Have a great week!

3rd December 11 2017 Homeroom

3rd Grade Information and Updates

I hope everyone is staying warm this weekend! Just a reminder that our Christmas Program is this Thursday at 7:00. Third graders will be wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and white shirts. Also, our class will be making milk carton gingerbread houses with our 6th grade buddies on Tuesday, December 19. We are looking for donations of white icing, graham crackers, candies, or anything that could be used to decorate the houses. If you can help, just send the item to school with your child by this Friday. That way I can see what we still need and get it next weekend. Thanks in advance for your help!!!! Here is a look at what we will be working on this week..........

RELIGION: We will continue learn about Advent.

MATH: We will finish our unit on beginning division this week. Then we will be reviewing skills learned earlier in the quarter.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will continue learning about being a good citizen.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS: We will finish our story Technology Wins the Game that we started last week. We are learning about oi,oy, plural nouns, text and graphic features, and the suffixes less, ful, and ous. We will test over this story this Thursday.

VOCAB: continued from last week :contribute, athletes, improve, power, process, flexible, fraction, compete {be able to read and understand meaning by this Thursday}

SPELLING: continued from last week:joy, point, voice, join, oil, coin, noise, spoil, toy, joint, boy, soil, choice, boil, come, are, poison, destroy {test this Wednesday}

Dictation:Roy played baseball because he enjoyed being active and healthy. {part of spelling test on Wednesday}


Monday SS 50

Tuesday: SS 51 and review spelling

Wednesday: SS 52 and read Technology Wins the Game

Thursday: no homework-Christmas Program

3rd October 19 2017 Homeroom

This is what third grade will be working on this week.....

RELIGION: We will continue working on forgiveness and showing compassion and mercy.

MATH: We will continue our chapter on subtraction. We will subtract across zeros and review subtracting three and four digit numbers by adding to check.

READING: We will read the informational text What Illustrators Do? and the traditional tale Jack Draws a Beanstalk. We will work on three letter clusters (scr, spr, str, thr), synonyms, verb tenses, sequence, and text and graphic features.

SPELLING: three, scrap, street, spring, thrill, scream, strange, throw, string, scrape, spray, threw, strong, scratch, think, they, straight, scramble {test on Thursday}

DICTATION: A stray dog came down our street and scratched at our door.

VOCAB: imagine, tools, illustrate, scribbles, sketches, tracing, research, textures {be able to read and know meaning by Friday}

SCIENCE: We will review our chemistry unit. The test is on Tuesday. Please review the review sheet that came home on Thursday.



Monday: SS 26 and review for science test

Tuesday: SS 27

Wednesday: SS 28

Thursday: SS 29 and read What Do Illustrators Do? and Jack Draws a Beanstalk

review nightly as needed spelling and vocab words, 10-15 minutes independent reading


Please call the office if you have not had a chance to schedule a conference yet. Have a great week!