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1st April 29 2017

Week of May 1st

May Crowning is May 3rd.

Spirit Day and noon dismissal on May 5th.

Reading: We will read Whistle for Willie.  Students will ask and answer questions.  We will identify the relationship between cause and effect.  Students will identify the setting, problem, and solution.

Phonics: Students will code, read, and spelling using suffix -er, -est, and -ful.  We will also code, read, and spell using prefix un-, pre- and dis-.

Writing and Grammar: Students will write the final copy of their letter.  We will write a cinquain and quatrain poem.  We will create contraction caterpillars.  We will use contractions in our writing.

Math: Students will read and write time to the hour and half hour on an analog and digital clock.  We will complete the Ch. 8 test on Wednesday.  We will review two-dimensional shapes.

Religion: We will review Ch. 12 and take our test on Tuesday.  We will start our study of the Rosary this week.k

Science: We will identify the characteristics and life cycle of butterflies and moths.   Students will create a model of a butterfly's life cycle.  We will identify the characteristics of lady bugs.

Sight Words: myself, city, family, warms, buy, listen

Spelling Words                             Sentence Dictation

pages       hold                     Can we swim in the lake at the park?

kind          draw                     We should invite Beth to come along.

about       over

yellow       foundation

mention    fantastic

tody          once


Monday:  Study for Ch. 12 Religion Test

Tuesday: Phonics 127

Wednesday: Phonics 128

Thursday: Phonics 129,

1st April 21 2017

Week of April 24th

Flat Stanley Projects are due on Tuesday.

Reading: We will read Amazing Animals. We will use text evidence and prior knowledge to draw conclusions.  We will analyze the text.

Phonics: We will code, read, and spell using digraph ei (veil, receipt) and ew (cashew).  Students will practice spelling words using their rule book.

Writing and Grammar: Students will identify the parts of a letter.  We will write a draft for a friendly letter.  Students will revise and edit their drafts.  Students will be given objects and they will have to create a list of adjectives describing the object.  Students will sort words as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  We will write sentences using adjectives to help bring our writing to life.

Math: Students will read and write time to the hour and half hour on an analog and digital clock. 

Religion: We will discuss the different ways that we can pray.  We will describe the ways and places that Jesus prayed.  We will learn the 4 steps to praying using a Gospel story. The Ch. 12 review will go home on Friday. 

Science:  We will identify the function of the brain and discuss how nerves work.  We will also identify ways to keep our bodies healthy.  We will have our Anatomy test on Thursday.  The booklet and review pages will go home on Monday to study. 

Sight Words: often, enough, rough, tough, through, idea

Spelling Words:                          Sentence Dictation:

old      find                   The kind old man told me some tales.

taking   fault                  The little lost kitten was both blind and cold.

saw      plastic

now      shouted

joining   starvation

word     four


Monday: Phonics 123, Math 593-594

Tuesday: Math 599-600

Wednesday: Study for Anatomy Test

Thursday: Phonics 124, Math 611-612


1st April 08 2017

Week of April 10th

Field Trip: We will be attending our field trip on Tuesday. Thank you for all who have agreed to attend with us.  Your help and support is greatly appreciated and we can't wait to attend with you. Please arrive no at school no later than 8:15am.  Students will need to wear a St. Paul t-shirt, jeans, and tennis.  Please pack a lunch. We will be eating at school, but it will be later than our normal lunch time.

Flat Stanley project is due April 25th.

Reading: Students will come up with solutions to solve a character's problem in a story.  Students will describe a character by his/her words and actions.

Phonics: Students will code, read, and spell using combination wh (whale) and vowel a that makes the short o sound (wallet).

Writing: Students will revise and edit their animal research paper.  They will write a clean copy and type their final draft.

Math: We will measure the length of objects using non-standard units.  We will use guess, check, and revise to problem solve.

Religion: We will attend Stations of the Cross on Monday.  We will create an Easter Wreath to tell about Jesus' journey.

Science: We will identify the function and parts of the respiratory system and circulatory system.

No sight words or spelling test this week.


Monday: Phonics 121, Math 579-580


Wednesday: Phonics 122, Math 585-586

1st April 01 2017

Week of April 3rd

Important Notes:

- Sign and return report cards

- Field trip forms due Tuesday

-Flat Stanley project due April 25th.

Reading: We will read The Garden.  Students will identify the story elements of characters, setting, and plot.  Students will evaluate the text using evidence from the story.  Students will describe which character they are more alike and give support.

Phonics: We will practice spelling words using dge, ge, ch, tch, and j.  Students will use their spelling rule book to determine the correct spelling of a word.  We will read, code, and spell using digraph ie.

Writing and Grammar: Students will gather information on sharks or penguins to write a research paper.  We will sort verbs as past, present, or future and identify irregular verbs.

Math: We will have our ch. 7 test on Tuesday.  We will compare and order the lengths of objects using cubes. 

Religion: We will have Stations of the Cross on Monday and Adoration on Thursday.  Students will understand that Palm Sunday is the first day of Holy Week.  We will learn about how we celebrate Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.

Science: Identify the function of the skeletal system, bones, joints, muscles, and skin.  We will examine our fingerprints.

Sight Words: begins, almost, covers, kinds, ready, soil

Spelling Words                          Sentence Dictation

how       round                 Braden found four spiders in the dark corner of the barn.

blue       dishes               The soil there was moist and cool.

argue     diver

enjoy      overpay

afternoon  vacation

early       learn


Monday: reading passage

Tuesday: Math facts

Wednesday: Phonics 118

Thursday: Phonics 119, math 563-568



1st March 25 2017

Week of March 27

Important News

1. Our Zoology test will be on Tuesday.  Study the science review pages coming home in the Wednesday folder, today.
2. Look at your child's report card, sign and return.
3. Field Trip forms are due April 4th.  If you would like to attend with your child please mark it on the form.  Make sure that you have taken Protecting God's Children and have a background check on file in the Parish Center.
4. Grandparents' Day: NO BOOK BAGS. Your child needs to be in the back of church at 7:35am.  Please drop them off at church or have their grandparent.  We have the first 5 pews reserved on the right side (Joseph side) of church.  It is imperative that their grandparent(s) sits in this reserved section.  Siblings are welcome to sit here as well.  Please let me know either by note or email who your child will be going home with on this day.  That way we get him/her to the appropriate place.  
Reading: We will finish reading Flat Stanley.  Students will identify the problem/solution, and analyze the lesson the characters learned.  We will write a review for the book.
Phonics: We will code, read, and spell using trigraph tch(patch) and dge(bridge).
Writing and Grammar: We will create a video for Grandparents' Day.  Students will identify and use proper nouns when writing.
Math: Students will make and read picture graphs.  We will analyze and interpret the data gathered in different graphs.  We will use data to make and read a bar graph.
Religion: We will practice for Grandparents' Day Mass.
Science: We will start our unit on Anatomy.  Students will identify parts of the human body and their functions.
Sight Words: baby, began, along, house, nothing, minute
There is no spelling test this week.
Monday: Study for Zoology test
Tuesday: Phonics116, math 531-532
Wednesday: phonics 117, math 539-540
Thursday: none
1st March 16 2017

Week of March 21st

Important Information

- Donuts with Dad March 22nd.  Drop bookbags off in the classroom before Mass.  Any students whose father cannot attend will come to the classroom and then I will take them to Mass.

- Grandparent's Day Mass March 31st.  First grade is in charge of this Mass.  Every child will have a role.  The first 5 pews on the right side of church will be reserved for 1st grade Grandparent's and all their grandkids.  It is important that they sit here.

- Field Trip permission slip due April 4th.


Reading: We will start reading Flat Stanley.  We will ask and answer comprehension questions.  Students will discuss the relationship between Stanley and his brother.  We will make inferences.  The Flat Stanley packet will come home no later than March 30th.  Please discuss with your child who Stanley is going to visit.

Phonics: Students will practice spelling with the doubling rule and dropping rule.  We will code words with the vcv pattern.

Writing and Grammar: We will use the information we gathered about rabbits to write an outline of our research paper.  Students will choose to create a poster, Google Slide, or write a paper to share their research.  Students will identify and use proper nouns when writing.

Math: We will read and create tally and picture graphs.

Religion: We will practice for our upcoming Masses.

Science: We will identify what animals need to live.  We will classify them as herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores.  We will identify how animals adapt to seasonal changes.  We will describes the characteristics of mammals.

Sight Words: change, strange, danger, stranger, second

Spelling Words                 Sentence Dictation

by      say            Please eat after you clean your jeans.

for     even          The meat and beans are getting cool.

point   nation

portion  sliding

only     answer




Tuesday: Phonics 113,

Wednesday: Phonics 114, math 513-514

Thursday: Math 518-519


1st March 16 2017

Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May

Jan PE Unit-

Basketball Unit- rules, skills, passing,shooting and dribbing drills

Small court games, passing games, shooting drills, and full court games, knock-out and 11's game.

Feb PE Unit-

Hockey Unit- Skills, Passing, Shooting and saftey use of the Hockey sticks

Small cout games, passing games, shooting games and full court Hockey games.

Mar PE Unit-

Badmiton and Tennis Unit- Rules, court sizes, volley and serving

Small court games, passing games, serving games, and full court games.

April PE Unit-

Golf Unit- Skills, rules, basic grip with driver, irons and putter

Driving range off mats, chipping into buckets, and putting into practice holes and basic skills to play golf.

May PE Unit-

All school Field Day Event: Thank you all Parent's and Teacher's for your help and support on this special day!

Wiffleball Unit- Skills, rules, throwing, catching and base running

Throwing practice, catching practice, wiffleball games.

Two birthday games per month. Each student with a birthday during this month will decide on what the class will play for the day!


1st March 10 2017

Week of March 13th

Important Notes

- We are in charge of planning the Grandparent's Day Mass.  Each child will have a part.  If your child reading at Mass his/her part went home on Monday.  Please practice at home.

- Donuts with Dad is on March 22nd from 7:00-7:40 with Mass to follow.

_ Spirit Wear is currently on sale.


Reading: We will read Little Rabbit's Tale.  We will identify cause and effect.  Students will ask and answer comprehension questions.  We will be starting our Flat Stanley unit next week.  Please talk to your child about who they would like Flat Stanley to visit. 

Phonics: We will spell words using the doubling rule (skip + ing = skipping).  We will code, read, and spell using digraphs kn (knot), gn (gnat), and wr (wreath).

Writing and Grammar: We work together to create a research paper about rabbits.  We will develop questions and gather different sources.  We will identify when to use singular and plural nouns when writing.

Math: We will subtract tens to find the difference.  Students will use a number line to count back by tens to subtract.  We will find and write related math facts.  Ch. 6 test will be on Thursday.

Religion: The Ch. 11 Religion study guide will go home on Monday and the test will be on Wednesday.  We will have a review activity on Tuesday.  We will learn about St. Patrick and his contributions to our faith.

Science: We will start science this week.  We will identify and sort animals by land and water habitats.  We will identify the different types of land and water habitats.  We will discuss and explore how and why animals use camouflage.

Sight Words: until, years, eight, follow, young, father, surprised



Monday: Phonics 111, Math 483-484

Tuesday: Study for Religion Test

Wednesday: Phonics 112, Math 495-496



1st March 05 2017

Week of March 6th

Important News

-Spirit Wear sales run through March 16th

-Donuts with Dad is on March 22nd

Reading: We will read Tomas Riveria.  We will identify the elements of a biography.  Students will write a summary and make text-to-self connections.

Phonics: Students will read code and spell using digraph ey (key) and ph (phone), pattern vcv, and soft g (giraffe).

Writing and Grammar: Students will use the writing process to write their personal narrative.  We will identify and find nouns in a sentence.

Math: Students will add two numbers using tens and ones.  We will use guess, check, and revise to solve problems.  We will regroup when adding two-digit numbers.

Religion: We will attend Stations of the Cross on Monday and Adoration on Thursday.  We identify right and wrong choices and learn about the Golden Rule.  Students will listen to the story of Zacchaeus and discuss how Jesus treated him.

Social Studies: Students will review goods and services.  They will determine if something is a good or sercive, if it could be produced and how you get it.  We will review trading.  Students will be given scenarios and will need to determine how to make a fair trade.  We will discuss what is produced on farms and what is needed.  We will also discuss the purpose of money and we get it.

Sight Words:   few, noise, night, story, shall, window, loudly

Spelling Words           Sentence Dictation

off       turtle               Curt burned his hand on the hot car.

boy       disturb              The burn hurt and felt like fire.

hiding     survive

acorn     Friday

elbow     hurt

many      any


Monday: phonics 106

Tuesday: phonics 107, math 469-470

Wednesday: phonics 108, math 475-476

Thursday: phonics 109

1st February 24 2017

Week of February 27th

Reading: We will read Where Does Food Come From?  Students will identify the main idea using support from the text.  They will identify the Author's purpose.  We will ask and answer comprehension questions.

Phonics: We will code, read, and spell using digraphs au (faucet), aw (straw), and oa (soap).  We will learn that "wild colt" words such as wild, find, etc. do not follow the rules.

Writing and Grammar: Students will expand of their writing using the question words; who, what, when, where, why, and how.  We will use possesive nouns when writing.

Math: Students will add tens and ones with 100.  We will count on and add numbers using tens and ones.

Religion: Father Blessing will come talk to the students about the Eucharist.  We will tak the Ch. 10 test on Tuesday.  Students will read the story of Zacchaeus and determine if his actions were right or wrong.  We will discuss ways to help rectify our wrong actions.

Social Studies: Students will explain goods and services and give examples of each.  We will discuss the roles of producers and consumers. We will brainstorm places where we are consumers and what was produced at those places.

Sight Words: door, try, more, use, old, was, studied

Spelling Words:                 Sentence Dictation:

grow     open                The store will open for the sale at ten.

away    started              Many people will be there.

passing   table

invite     crispy

she'll     wisely

give      people


Monday: Study for religion test

Tuesday: phonics 102, math 457-458

Wednesday: phonics 103,

Thursday: phonics 104, math 463-464